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My name is Jessica Reynolds. But you can call me Artemis, and this is my Tumblr.

I’m a freelance graphine (graphic/fine) artist and self-taught illustrator, and now newbie comic writer. How exciting!

Avid lover of mythology|Love|Arts|Spirituality|Life|Etc
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You can’t receive blessings if your hands are full of irrelevant junk. And that applies to me as much as it does to you. Drop some dead weight today guys!

And a magnificent Monday to you all!

As Captain Planet says “The power is in YOU!” ;)

Free public sauna at Brighton Farmers market until 10 AM (and probably a good while after).

Sauna also features multiple vendors (myself included) and vegetables.

If you are coming, please wear clothes.

Take time to clarify your vision this weekend. Oh…and have a great day!


Here’s to words chosen wisely :)

Good morning!

This little one is not feeling very nocturnal, so I small make the wise decision to go to sleep. Night guys!

…assuming you can stop beating up on yourself long enough to learn. Good morning fellow humans! Here’s to being the best students of life today :)
#mistakes #teaching #learning #Life

Wearing a bow in the gym so you know that I’m a girl.

#HowToGetAwayWithGender #DoYouEvenWomanBro #BOWldAndTheBeautiful #BeautyGonnaBeast #JustKidding #NotReally #Gains #HairGains #PrettyGains #MoreGains

Aight. Enough silliness. Time to mash up some shoulders \0/

Shopping complete. New pieces to be available by this weekend :)

Food for thought from Uncle Bruce (not Wayne). Definitely hard to not worry about the impression you make, especially since we live in such an image obsessed culture. Especially since that first impression makes such an impact. But you have a God given right to turn up (anywhere) and turn on your personality full blast.

Or…you could just duck and hide behind masks indefinitely. Up to you really.

#TheStruggleAintReal #BEINGRealISTheStruggle #DigDeep #HuntingAuthenticity #HuntingStrength #HuntingGreatness