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My name is Jessica Reynolds. But you can call me Artemis, and this is my Tumblr.

I’m a freelance graphine (graphic/fine) artist and self-taught illustrator, and now newbie comic writer. How exciting!

Avid lover of mythology|Love|Arts|Spirituality|Life|Etc
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Not my usual #ThoughtForThursday but one worth entertaining nonetheless.

It’s natural to want to protect yourself from pain. Unfortunately, hardening your heart, building walls & pushing people away is counterintuitive. Most of us want intimacy with our loved ones among other things. How do any of these things further our goals? And how does hiding from what you REALLY want make you stronger? I’m not saying it is easy…but takes great courage to be open and great strength to recover from pain. But you can do it. You weren’t put here to be a coward.

#HuntingGreatness #ConquerorNotACoward

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Cooking up some limited edition prints for August 23rd- 24th! Star Wars meets Artemis…Startemis Wars? We’ll figure it out!


I don’t generally reblog things. But Miyazaki is an exception, and this is so so so so beautiful. He gets it.

So much feels :<





Pokémon Starters.
by Kiy Meister.

I don’t know if I identify with Blastoise or Venusaur more.

I think I’m mostly Squirtle here

Didn’t know I could dance did ya

(via thetallblacknerd)

When you are tempted to see weakness in yourself, look for the strength instead.


Our bodies are temples of God. We are children of God. Perhaps, it is time we act as though we are in tune with our innate divinity, no?